Elite Tuner Arizona 2020

Posted by Ranger Ramirez on
Elite Tuner Arizona 2020

Elite Tuner Arizona was hosted at Ksport USA in Mesa, Arizona on December 5th 2020. While 2020 is was an uncertain year, We as a community came together to pull this event off and not only pull it off but did so by following all CDC guidelines and regulation. We are super excited to host yet another Elite Tuner Event in Arizona in 2021. Please subscribe to our YouTube Chanel to see some cool videos of this event and things we do around the shop. Here are a few snaps of some of the cars that showcased in our event this year. #EliteTuner #EliteTunerAZ



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Created on Posted by Bippu300c

Thank you again for not giving up on this event. It was an awesome show despite the pandemic. The event gave us a sense of normalcy. It was worth the drive from San Diego.

Created on Posted by Clint

Kudos to Ksport and the team for coming in clutch and saving the day

Created on Posted by Luis Rodriguez

This is so awesome 👏 great job on putting this event together

Created on Posted by Hunter Hadrati

The best car show of the year 🔥 can wait for the next one 🤟🏽

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