Elite Tuner Las Vegas

After a 1 year hiatus, car show season has final kicked off in beautiful Las Vegas. The elite tuner team, led by Ranger Ramirez has brought back the lost heat, and enthusiasm to the Las Vegas car community. For the first time in Vegas history, the award winning Interactive art exhibition Area 15 was the backdrop for one of the most anticipated events of the year. Show goers were met with a wide range of high quality builds, ranging from old school JDM to exclusive exotic builds that have never been seen at an event like this.


Of course we were also greeted by local favorites such as Team Hybrid, Team Evade, Team NVUS, Team no Team, Nokturnal, Team Elevate and many others. Vendor row was nothing short of unique. Consisting of Liberty walk USA, leen customs, ld9 forged, Zociety, Gearhead society /gear wax, and a few others. Dj Goz was on the ones and twos, while master of ceremonies Ranger kept the crowd going with multiple give aways and events such as Low car limbo, team tug o war, and the crowd favorite 2 step competition.


Title Sponsor Dapper autosport didn’t disappoint, with a broad range of heavily modified vehicles ranging from a lifted dually to slammed Euros and domestics. Elite audio customs pride in the local community came nothing short of amazing. They were able to reach their charity goal for three square that will ensure many Southern Nevadans will not go hungry. Three squares works off the premise that $1 = 3 meals, they are locally based, and were heavily relied on by many Southern Nevadans during the covid 19 out break. 

Thank you Las Vegas for another high energy event, looking forward to seeing everyone at our 2021 season closer. Until then, much love from the elite tuner family.

Written and captured by: Rafael Leal

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