Tuner Evolution Puerto Rico

For the first time in history a major car show (Tuner Evolution) did a show indoors in the island of Puerto Rico. When my fiancé and I first found out that this event was a go, we booked our vacation around it so we can attend.

To be honest I went to many Tuner evolution shows and to me this is by far one of the best if not the best one I’ve ever attended. The scene in Puerto Rico is alive and boy did they show case cars that are very different from what we see stateside. The cars were so well put together that even when I was asking around if they knew about these cars no one knew that PR had such quality hidden in this island. The atmosphere in the venue was amazing. The artists and all the activities they had left everyone with a great taste of what a show in Puerto Rico should feel like.

Congratulations Tuner Evo for making History on the island of Puerto Rico.

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I fear a scion that belongs to the Offbeat Nation club! just citing to attend the event and send them images to be approved

Alejandro Figueroa November 14, 2021

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